Monday, March 30, 2015
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ES-AAPG Meeting Link


Upcoming Events
Event StartTitle
4/22/2015 Earth Day
5/14/2015 3:00 PM PGI Board Meeting
9/21/2015 10:00 AM 2015 AAPG Annual Meeting
10/2/2015 8:00 AM ASBOG Fall Examination

For more information, see our PGI events page.

Board of Directors
PGI Seal
Congrats to the new PGI Board Members for 2015 !


Andy Wallace and Chris Parks were elected to the PGI Board during the November 2014 Annual PGI meeting and joined the board in 2015. The following new board positions were approved during this week:

President - Angela Kattmann
Vice President - Sean Hall
Treasurer - Dustin Graves
Secretary - Rachel Walker

The following Committee Chairs were also approved during this week's meeting:

Awards/Annual Meeting - Chris Parks
Earth Science Education - Scott Johanson
Continuing Education - Andy Wallace
Legislative - Ray Milejczak
Events/Field Trips - Jeremiah Armitage
Publications/Website - Chris Parks
Membership - Sean Hall


December 2014 Newsletter


The latest PGI Newsletter is hot off the presses. Check it out!

December 2014 Newsletter


2014 Field Trip Photos


Photos from the PGI Annual Field Trip, Middle Mississippian Carbonate Platform Evolution in South-Central Indiana, have been added to the website.  Thanks again to the Todd Thompson and Brian Keith of the Indiana Geological Survey for putting together a great trip.




PGI Technical Writing Symposium


This year's annual PGI educational seminar was a success.  Dr. Marjorie Rush Hovde conducted a technical writing symposium, Communicating Effectively, to a packed house at the Indiana Government Center.  PGI would like to thank Dr. Rush Hovde for presenting and IDEM for hosting the event.  Below is a link to the presentation.

Communicating Effectively


The following sources were also used during the training:

3 Mile Island Memo

Internal Memo Example



PGI February 2014 Newsletter


The latest PGI Newsletter is hot off the presses. Check it out!

February 2014 Newsletter


Creek Run Training & Geology Symposium


Where - French Lick, Indiana

When - September 2nd - 4th, 2014

See the Itinerary/Symposium Summary or contact Chris Parks at Creek Run for more information.




Lots of photos from PGI events have been added to the website. Take a look!


PGI Newsletters

Check out the most recent PGI Newsletters on the website under the Membership tab.

PGI Newsletters contain continuing education opportunities, legislation topics, and job openings. Contact a PGI Board Member if you would like to have a posting added to the next PGI Newsletter.


Website Registration

Be sure to register with the website

As PGI advances with the website, we plan on developing a "Member's Only" area where PGI members can join discussions, check for position postings by employers, and review technical submissions from other members.

Registration is simple and only takes a few moments.


New PGI Website

The PGI website has gotten a new look!  Take a look around!

Some pages to view are:

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