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December 2015 PGI Newsletter
Happy Holidays!  Please see the December 2015 PGI Newsletter (link below).  There are lots of great training opportunities listed inside.  
November 2015 PGI Newsletter
The November 2015 PGI Newsletter with a re-cap of the Annual Meeting and other exciting announcements.  
October 2015 PGI Newsletter

The October 2015 PGI Newsletter with a re-cap of the field trip to Pipe Creek Junior and other exciting announcements.

October 2015 PGI Newsletter

2014 Field Trip Photos

Photos from the PGI Annual Field Trip, Middle Mississippian Carbonate Platform Evolution in South-Central Indiana, have been added to the website.  Thanks again to the Todd Thompson and Brian Keith of the Indiana Geological Survey for putting together a great trip.





Lots of photos from PGI events have been added to the website. Take a look!



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PGI Newsletters contain continuing education opportunities, legislation topics, and job openings. Contact a PGI Board Member if you would like to have a posting added to the next PGI Newsletter. 



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